Lavender from Source – Green not Mean…

The creation of the Infusionist Lavender Aromatherapy Candle….the balance and calm the mind.

Lavender 4 July 14The Infusionist aims to be as ethical and sustainable as possible. Green, not mean is my motto. Eco-friendly aromatherapy candles are part of the well being products. With these, I try to cut down the carbon miles and synthetic fragrances that can cause a host of problems for the customer.

By sourcing all the candle ingredients either locally or from local businesses, this is one way of me for doing my bit for the planet.

The Lavender Aromatherapy candle contains Soy Wax (derived from plants and burns cleaner than paraffin wax which is commercially cheaper and not as environmentally friendly), a natural cotton wick (not lead), and natural Lavender essential oil (not synthetic fragrances which can be over powering at times) and finally locally sourced lavender from lavender fields (the idea is that once the candle begins to burn, the heat forces the lavender bud to release it’s own natural oil.

Lavender harvesting only happens once a year. Last year I source my Lavender from Hampshire. This year I sourced the Lavender from Carshalton, Surrey to keep it closer.

The Lavender has to be hand tied, dried and the buds removed by hand and stored in an airtight container to keep fresh. You can see me during the process below:

Lavender 2 July 14Lavender 3 July 14Rest assured that The Infusionist strives to deliver a product to purchase that has been carefully thought out, with quality ingredients and crafted by hand.

The candles are available at:-


Condition Cream Cleanser Facial Wash

I’ve moved into the realm of meeting like minded people who have taken to the idea of moving to natural products. The type of person who has a specific skin care need but doesn’t want to buy something cheap and nasty. The Infusionist offers and atelier service which caters for your individual needs. This week the brief was to make a shea butter face wash to gently cleanse the face with exfoliates for a valued client.

Essentially I had to make a cream cleanser and a gel face wash and bring the two together. A nice little challenge for me.

So just like Walter White in Breaking Bad, I set to work cooking….

Finally came up with this and I’m happy with it. Ingredients are: Aqua, Sodium Mipa Laurate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Castor Oil, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, D-Panthenol, Vitamin E Oil, Jojoba beads

Cream Face Wash 2 July 14 Cream Face Wash 3 July 14 Cream Face Wash July 14





It is rich, creamy and as I massage it sets moisture into my skin, whilst gently scrubbing away grease and dirt from my face. When I wash the cream with warm water, the cleanser becomes gradually lathery and leaves my skin squeaky clean, but still soft. I then tone my skin and lightly moisturise.

Make this cream cleanser face wash part of your skin care routine for long lasting healthy skin and contact me at the website below.



Busy early June weekend

The Infusionist has got off to a busy start this June. I have newly introduced hand and body butters at £6 and ‘petite pots’ of hand and body lotions for £3. Also added to the range are 100ml aromatherapy candles for £7 each.









Saturday 7 June saw me at the village fair at Shepperton early in the morning. With a tentative start to the weather, the sun finally came out and so did the crowd. The Village fair was packed full of fun for all the family with shows, races and parades as well as the craft stalls.

All in all it was a decent day’s work and I met some lovely people.









Sunday 8 June brought me home to Balham Bowls Club at the Vintage and Craft Fair where the sun was shining bright and the heat brought us into summer. Unfortunately for me, being at an indoor venue did not help so much. I did meet some lovely stallholders who had some amazing lovely handmade items.1375635_1384237048518915_47924_n






Come say hello! 6th to 10th May 2014 at Bourne Hall, Ewell, Surrey

Hi all,

So The Infusionist is pushing along with business and will be bringing all her lovely natural skincare products and aromatherapy candles to sell at the 5 day gift market at Bourne Hall, Spring Street, Ewell, Surrey KT17 1UF. Come along and say hello if you have some time! The 5 day gift market is a great day out for you and all the family and has free parking. On Saturday 10th May the Gift Market coincides with an Antique Fair, so there will be lots to see and do.




The naked truth…about cream

Not all creams I create go right the first time. It does take time to perfect. I wanted to show you all aspects to The Infusionist.

My first attempt at making the night cream – repair, recover and rejuvenate, I actually tried a new emulsifier that I had not used before. Even after following the methods required to a tee, I still ended up with this hot mess! It looked more like scrambled eggs than a rich cream. Lesson learned!hot mess

Sexy Lips….xxx

Lip Balms

Get juicy luscious lips this springtime with The Infusionist’s 3 lip balm flavours:-



Spearmint                                       Cherry                                      Grapefruit

Spearmint CherryGrapefruit


Originally inspired by a friend who had a terrible time with her commercial branded lip balm that dried out her skin. The Infusionist’s tip is to avoid the mineral oils and waxes that commercial brands like to include in their ingredients. Mineral oils actually stay on the surface of skin and is not absorbed by the lips. In the long term it actually dries out the skin as my poor friend found out. Fortunately for her, I decided to make a Shea butter lip balm with Apricot Kernel Oil.

Apricot Kernel OilApricot Kernel Oil is a mild oil, which is tolerated by most people, and is especially good for sensitive, inflamed, dry or mature skin but it is a classic skin oil for sensitive skin. It enhances skin elasticity and has a soft and smooth quality on the skin.

Sweet Almond OilSweet Almond Oil – Almond oil is a rich source of Vitamins A, B and E which are great for your lip’s health. The biggest reason to use almond oil instead of these chemical-laden products is the fact that it is mild on your skin and suits most skin types. It helps in maintaining the moisture levels of your lips and gets absorbed quickly. It particularly helps if you have extremely dry or sensitive and irritated skin.

Shea ButterShea butter – Although shea butter can be used all over the body and in the hair, many find that shea butter is a good option for improving the health of the lips. Shea butter lip balm is most commonly used to help heal and moisturise sunburned, dry, or cracking lips, as it is said to not only bear anti-inflammatory properties, but is also easily absorbed into the skin. Though it is often used to heal chapped lips, many feel that it can also help prevent dry lips, because it is said to create a moisture barrier. It is also useful in protecting the delicate skin of the lips from the sun and damaging free radicals.

OliveOlive Oil – olive oil is a powerful skin soothing oil, excellent for extra dry skin and sensitive skin.  Our olive lip balm offers all the healing and protective benefits of this nourishing oil to deeply moisturize lips, preventing dryness and chapping to keep lips feeling smooth soft and comfortable.

Nourish, moisturise and soothe your dry lips with one or all of The Infusionist’s luscious lip balms.

Send me a message if you are interested.

Repair, Recover and Rejuvenate – Night Cream


I’ve been thinking for sometime now how I can formulate the best night creams for skin. Finally I arrived with and cream packed with active ‘busy bees’ ingredients, that repairs, recovers and rejuvenates skin all while you sleep in a fragrance of Ylang Ylang and Lavender.

It contains ingredients such as:

Vitamin E Oil – Vitamin E

  • Protects the skin from environmental pollution
  • Has a protecting action against UV radiation – although it cannot be classed as a sunscreen
  • An excellent moisturiser
  • Contains powerful anti-inflammatory action – and this can prevent the signs of premature ageing, as inflammatory conditions in the skin is a leading cause of skin ageing
  • Has excellent wound healing properties

Apart from all of these excellent qualities, vitamin E also enhances and helps with the penetration of other compounds into the skin and is itself well absorbed by human skin.

RosehipRosehip Seed Oil – useful in the repair of damaged skin tissue caused by scalds, burns, varicose veins and skin over-exposed to sunlight, and for treating oily skin, sensitive skin, and reducing or healing fine lines around the eyes, wrinkles and scars. Rosehip is amongst the best vegetable oil source of omega 3 and is also a good source of omega 6, both essential fatty acids collectively known as vitamin F, involved in cellular membrane and tissue regeneration and normalising skin with large pores.

Shea ButterShea butter – Good for moisturising, protecting and healing the skin, especially dry and damaged skin. It contains 5-10% phytosterol, which stimulates cell growth.




Aloe VeraAloe Vera –

  • anti-inflammatory
  • reduces scarring in burns; skin ulcers and other lesions
  • relieves pain from sunburn and burns and helps these to heal quickly by stimulating
  • fibroblast and connective tissue formation, and by stimulating the epidermal growth and repair process
  • has rejuvenating effects
  • has been shown to have an invigorating effect on skin when applied on a regular basis
  • excellent emollient, making it soothing and calming to the skin
  • antiseptic and antibacterial, acting against a number of different bacteria and fungi

SpilanthesSpilanthes Acmella extract – Stimulates the fibroblasts present in the extra-cellular matrix of the skin. Fibroblasts permanently interact with collagen fibres to create a 3-dimensional network within the supporting extra cellular matrix. Through their mobility and contractile properties, fibroblasts organise the network by pulling on the collagen fibres, tightening the matrix and thus firming the skin.


Apricot Kernel Oil

Apricot Kernel Oil – It is a mild oil, which is tolerated by most

people, and is especially good for sensitive, inflamed, dry or mature skin but it is a classic skin oil for sensitive skin.


SafflowerSafflower Oil – Thistle oil is an excellent source of omega 6 & 3 essential fatty acids. Good for oily skin, large pores and all skin conditions. It is therefore excellent for people who want to rebalance their skin type from large-pored to normal skin.

Olive Oil – Olive oil’s nourishing, softening and protecting properties are well-known but it is also an anti-inflammatory and so very valuable to use in oil blends that treat skin irritations, insect bites, sun-damaged skin, eczema, psoriasis and itchiness.

GinsengBotanical infusion, for Age –  GINSENG (Panax Ginseng) Ginseng is a rich source of ginsenosides which help stimulate the microcirculation of the skin and angiogenesis (growth of new blood vessels), both of which are essential for wound healing and reduction of scar formation. Ginsenosides have also been shown to stimulate collagen synthesis, helping to improve the skins’ tone and elasticity.

GukoGOTU KOLA (Centella asiatica) Gotu kola contains vitamins A, B, E and K, and magnesium. It is also a source of glycosides, which help increase the blood supply to the skin and thus exhibiting wound healing and anti-inflammatory activities. Glycosides also enhance collagen synthesis, aiding restoration of the skins’ elasticity and allowing healing of scar tissue. Stimulation of keratinisation also occurs, helping increase hair and nail growth.

GinkgoGINKGO (Ginkgo biloba) Ginkgo biloba increases micro-circulation of the blood, improves sebaceous secretions and activates cell metabolism. It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic properties.Ginkgo contains flavonoids which aid the synthesis of collagen and other connective tissue.



OliveOLIVE LEAF (Olea europaea) Olive leaf extract contains flavonoids which stimulate collagen synthesis. This helps improve skin tone and protects against free radicals produced by external stimuli such as UV rays. It also contains oleuropein, a polyphenolic fraction derived from the fruit, leaves, bark and roots of the olive tree. This exhibits anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties.

PathenolD-Pathenol – Panthenol (Pro-vitamin B5) penetrates deep into the skin and hair shaft and has excellent water-binding abilities. It creates a protective film, thus aiding moisture retention.

All these work together to give you the nature’s best.

Do contact me if you are interested in this product all for £25.00